Nvme drive and multi-boot capability?

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

ubuntu primarily

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The nvme drive boots fine and is recognized by the OS with one minor error (nonfatal.)
Sure would like the capability to boot Ubuntu and run it straight off the nvme drive and NOT use the non-external drive method. Actually, I’d like the option, at BOOT, to select the nvram, the nvme drive, boot into Android, and so on as my needs dictate for that particular boot.
On other SBC’s, (RPi’s, Jetson’s, etc.), that is easily handled but on the VIM4, am unsure of the safe way to get what I’m after.

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For VIM4, in order to boot from the NVMe SSD, you have to put u-boot and kernel on eMMC or SD card. because current u-boot can’t detected the NVMe SSD.