NVIDIA to acquire ARM

Recent news in the tweet

I have mixed emotions as to how it would work out…

Me too. But they will need to get back the $40 billion+ somehow. That’s a lot of licensing.

nvidia and opensource are not the best friends, i do not foresee a bright future for arm SOC and gpu drivers for linux

Expect a lot more increases in licensing prices and monopoly, anti-competitive behaviour.
Not to mention the US will now control all X86 and ARM processor technology and can block other countries from using it unless they come up with their own technology or use RISC-V instead.

Time to turn my head away from ARM and look at RISC-V :neutral_face:

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let’s hope khadas will soon turn to risc-v CPUs !
but for GPUs, I have no idea what is the best… lima will have no future ?

Trump and friends will surely ask nvidia to serve their political interest in the current economic war between china and usa

There hasn’t been any “Amazing” processers with the RISC-V ISA…
except SPARC, MIPS, PowerPC etc…

Maybe, But I am looking at Intel’s Lakefield lineup, and I am thinking in my mind… now is the time

Whatever happens though, I need that RK3588, and I need it with whipped cream and a cherry on top :yum:

It was supposed to be released Q1 2020, then Q3, now Q4… And it will be 2021 and we will still be waiting :laughing:

Ever heard the saying,
Good things take time

I just hope that it true :grin:

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Lets face it, ARM has a terrible (and I mean really terrible) attitude to Opensource software, so I really doubt that Nvidia, who also have a terrible attitude, will make the slightest difference to the status quo.

The community support for these two “brands” is entirely despite the companies lack of support.

The only thing that would likely change this is if Google started to insist that all Android products used a pure Linux kernel. Until that day ARM is crippled by design. The FOSS community represents a tiny fraction of the ARM market so they simply don’t care and probably never will. The progress towards real mainline support for ARM is painfully slow and will probably always remain partial and broken without full buy in from ARM/NVIDIA which history shows will likely never happen.

Edit: Maybe ARM has had a belated change of heart (just before the Mali GPU’s are obsoleted by Nvidia):




I agree with @shoog right now many of NVIDIA’s competitors in EDGE AI use ARM even AMLOGIC and Rockchip… I seriously doubt NVIDIA will make things easier for competitors…

well well, how the turn tables :laughing:

well atleast on the flipside, there is still RISC-V to look out for…
and also, Intel’s 11th gen Tigerlake has been released…

Now I am not saying we should go back to Intel or x86…
but it is something to consider…
so, stop worrying, and start thinking :slight_smile:

Strange times indeed.

M.ore here

Hmm, just thinking, will this mean we’re gonna get proper graphics driver for the VIM3 in linux soon? :upside_down_face:

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Yay. :partying_face:

so, everybody, sync your repos, get your VIM3s loaded with mainline linux and let’s see how this part goes…


Yes It is something great, finally vim3 will be a beast with panfrost supporting its gpu driver.

Cannot imagine what will happen once vpu starts coming to mainline too. :heart_eyes:


What is impressive is how they’ve been able to pull drivers with reverse engineering basically blindfolded. These are reat news for everyone

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