NPU Toolkit v6.4.0.10 for VIM3/3L Released!

Thanks to the hard work from @numbqq, we now have an updated version of our Amlogic NPU Toolkit for both VIM3 (A311D) and VIM3L (S905D3).

You can download it from here:


  1. Supports more platforms (Pytroch and Keras).
  2. Updated Tensorflow version to v1.13. This means that you can use newer functions.
  3. Added an important document called “Supported_Layer_List_191125.pdf”. You can check your graph to determine if there is an unsupported neural network layer.
  4. Support for more neural network layers.

You Jun from Khadas Team


Hey guys,

Apologize if the automated emails didn’t work yesterday - our email backend decided to go on strike. I’ve edited the form to display a light-box in your browser window, so you can get the links immediately, no need to wait for an email that could be blocked by the spam filter.

In addition, our latest newsletter to all our email subscribers contains the direct download links. If you still have problems downloading, PM me and I will send you the link directly.

You Jun


Hi, tsangyoujun.

I would like to download NPU toolkit v6.4.0.10 for VIM3 directly.

Could you send me the link directly.


Is there anything wrong with the form on this page?

Yes, I could not see the light-box after filling-up the form.