NPU:Tengine v.14 release(en)


  • Form v1.2 update to v1.4

Repositories Address:

  1. SDK:
  1. APP:


  1. SDK:
  1. APP:
  1. Tengine offical docs:

Release notes


Opencv verison

Changed from opencv3 to opencv4. The default is consistent with the official version of ubuntu

Compilation method

Starting from this version, only local compilation is supported, and host compilation is no longer supported. Therefore, the APP repository needs to be compiled on the board.


Remove host compilation dependency

App no ​​longer supports host compilation, remove the dependencies and compilation tools required for host compilation

Update conversion and quantification tools

In the v1.2 version, tmfile is directly generated from the original file in one step through the quant tool, and v1.4 is divided into two steps:

  1. Generate f32 tmfile by converting tool.
  2. Generate uint8 tmfile through quant tool. Instead of passing in the original file, the tmfile generated by convert is passed in instead.

Quantitative pictures description

The selection of images passed in during quantification has the following principles:
1.Should include all categories of the model and distribute them equally
2. Images should be selected for application scenarios
3. The recommended number of quantitative pictures is 100