NPU SDK: How to build the library for custom model converted with Amlogic converter

Hi! I have VIM3 and I would like to benchmark my custom model on the NPU.

I follow the documentation guide on Model Conversion.

I have already quantized and converted the model using acuity-toolkit and got nbg_unify_xxxx directory with files. But I don’t know how to build the library from these files to run inference using KSNN API. Is there any way to build it other than using the KSNN Convert tool?

Thank you!

@inarm You can found the demo source in this page

Then, you can convert follow this doc

Using ksnn is very simple. As long as you get data with a few simple APIs, you can compare the source code of different demos. There is only the difference between pre-processing and post-processing. The conversion and use of the api are exactly the same.

Thanks, I used the conversion tool and reconverted the model.
But is there a way to add data for quantization? As far as I see there is no parameter —source in convert script to specify data on which the quantization should be done

@inarm aml_npu_sdk/acuity-toolkit/python/data/dataset

If you are a single-input model, fill in the data in dataset0.txt