NPU install have Error

Compile the Case Code
Based On Linux
In order to run the model on VIM3 you need to compile the case code to get the executable binary.

Copy the build script from sample demo
$ cd ~/npu/aml_npu_sdk/acuity-toolkit/conversion_scripts/nbg_unify_inception_v3
$ cp ~/npu/aml_npu_sdk/linux_sdk/demo/inceptionv3/ .
$ ./ ~/npu/aml_npu_sdk/linux_sdk/linux_sdk

So, I try to build according to khadas documentation

jisu@ubuntu:~/npu/aml_npu_sdk_6.4.2.1/acuity-toolkit/conversion_scripts_nbg_unify$ ./ ~/npu/aml_npu_sdk_6.4.2.1/linux_sdk/linux_sdk
make: Nothing to be done for ‘all’.
make: Nothing to be done for ‘all’.

I am following your npu install document.
However, I get the same error as above.

How should I act?

@debian I don’t see the error info in you message .

I run the following cmd.

./ ~/npu/aml_npu_sdk/linux_sdk/linux_sdk

But I have error. How I act ?

@debian Where is your error info ?