NPU and TIMVX support on Android

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VIM3 Pro

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Latest Khadas official Android that came shipped on device

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Does OpenCV for Android fully support the NPU? It seems that according to the samples online here; This sample is to run on Linux and not Android and requires the TIMVX support and we are not sure if the TIMVX backend is supported on Android.

So the main question is the NPU and TIMVX fully supported on Open CV for Android or is full support for Linux only? Second, if it is fully supported, is there a better sample app on your Github which demonstrates this on Android?

Here is the code we are following from your sample in the link above to set the DNN backend to the NPU and TIMVX but again, we fear this is only works on Linux? We would like to leverage OpenCV on Android and do something similar. It is not our preferred approach to use Python along with some other libraries if we don’t have to.



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Bumping this topic so it can be seen. Still waiting on response.

Just to follow up on one thing. We are looking to leverage .NET on your Android devices using Xamarin. The reason I asked about OpenCV DNN working with the NPU is because there is a library called EMGU ( which is a wrapper around OpenCV for .NET. It works on Android and has full OpenCV DNN support. The current version I have from EMGU is a wrapper for OpenCV 4.6. The only missing piece is will OpenCV DNN work with the NPU on this device? That is what I am trying to figure out. Have you had any requests about how this might work with Xamarin? I could not find anything. Thanks!


Communicated with our colleagues, OpenCV_NPU_Demo we only made ubuntu, sorry