Not very happy!

Just got that small computer. Where can I get simple stupid instructions instructions for newbies??? There is a ton of technical information but nothing for simple usage. I am not at hall happy with this. I just plugged it to a proper source of power. Lights are in. Connected it with hdmi cable to a Sony TV station and I am getting “infalid format”!!! As I have no technical knowledge at all what do we do from now!!! It is supposed to be better than Raspberry Pi3. At least I get a picture with the raspberry Pi. There is no description of the 3 buttons! This is basic. We don’t know how this work! Please help me or I will have to retrurn it in its beautif box. That is at least a positive point.

Hi, cgytm:
Can you kindly check again following:

  • Check the HDMI cable you used, if possible you can try with a new cable.
  • The specs of your DC adapter you used, basically, 5V/2A is recommended for VIM.

If your problem doesn’t get resolved, following information will be helpful for us to narrow down your problem:

  • The model of your Sony TV/monitor
  • Take a simple video when you powering on VIM

Good luck!

Not sure what you want to achieve with this small computer. Pi3 is not good enough?

This box is not for beginners, especially when you need good documentation.

Ok. I changed the hdmi cable and connected it to another port and, at least, I got a familiar Andoid front page! Don’t know what exactly was wrong. Woks now like an Android tablet quite well!

bought that device for 2 specific projects. I want to use it on a Chevrolet Volt to basically have it run Android auto on the car screen. It is a cheap solution instead of buying an expensive comparable cellphone. It will stay in the car fulltime and I think I will interface it with TeamViewer and also a VNCViewer. All this can’t be done with a Raspberry Pi. I already have installed AA and Waze. Looks good.

The second project is to have ZoneMinder (camera management program) installed on a Linux distribution (most probably Ubuntu arm version ) as the Khadas Vim has more power and memory to run ZoneMinder than the RPI3. Will see if it really performs better.

Things appears to be more positive now that, at least, I got it working. Anyone knows if this can run the HiFiBerry Audio card (DAC)?

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Glad you got it going.