No U-Boot Update or Reboot Loader

I’m running an older build from Fenix for the Khadas Edge1 Ubuntu Server Focal version 5.7.0 V0.9.1-20200602.

There is no update or maskrom commands in U-Boot, and reboot loader run from the Linux terminal only reboots normally back to Linux.

I’m curious where the U-Boot code is for this as a reference or any other information available. If I can find the code for this command in U-Boot I can install it manually, or if there is code for the reboot loader command that would be preferable.

I am not able to update the version as of now: we have a lot of dependencies built into this version and would prefer not to update if I don’t have to. If I can find some work around for this version that would be helpful.

Thanks for any support.

@ianwhamilton U-Boot source is here: GitHub - khadas/u-boot: U-Boot for Khadas VIMs & Edge

Best regards.

Thanks @Electr1.

I did find the configs missing if anyone else runs into issues.

For some reason there were a few missing commands: update, maskrom, rockusb being the most important.

Needed these configs with their respective required configs:


The latter does not seem to have a Kconfig in my u-boot version, but as long as the CMD_ROCKUSB is in the build you have the option of adding the command yourself which is just:

gpio set 6; rockusb 0 mmc 0;


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