No ssh nor http console in OOWOW

When booting into OOWOW, there is no access through SSH nor HTTP to it. Only HDMI+Keyboard works. Yes, the IP is correct and it is connected to network. No firewall blocks or anything like that.

Is this normal? Why does it then says in config info of OOWOW, that I can connect through SSH or HTTP?

@hyphop please check.

Does that mean you have gone in the OOWOW’s network menu and changed firewall mode to allow incoming connections?

No, I was unaware OOWOW has its own firewall that needs to be disabled. If that’s the case, then what’s the point of having SSH/WEB OOWOW interface if you have to have keyboard and HDMI connection anyway to enable it? Defeats the whole purpose.

Anyway, I haven’t seen such option and I was in looking at Network menu several times.

Under network menu, look for text like “Firewall > Block all…”. The part before > is the menu name. And the part after > is the current value that its currently set to. Once you have changed the value, it should look something like “Firewall > Allow incoming…” or Firewall > Allow all…".