no SPI .dtbo file found on VIM3L system, and cannot enable following docs! (installed some images of official VIM3L downloaded from OOWOW), so, same question as per VIM1S, how to enable SPI1 on WIM3L???
why do you write guides but at end, is not possible to enable some protocols?
thanks for answers!

installed ubuntu 4.9, seems have spi1 but inserting spi1 on overlay, and reboot, no spidev on /dev/ folder is present, why???

Hi @pappicio
Did you edit /boot/env.txt to add the SPI node to the overwrite node?

Guidance document :

I’ve read and followed all, edited /bot/env.txt file, also with overlay=spi1 only, deleting all other protocols on that line, but when I try to ls /dev/spi*, no spi port is enabled (no such file or direcory, no /dev/spidev1.1 file exists), and I’m telling about ubuntu with 4.9 kernel, so really old and in overlay folder there is spi1.dtbo, really, I’ve tried all system, (UBUNTU) from 4.9 to 6.0 (built by me but also installed online with oowow) nothing to do. but all of them are compiled in 2002, on october or november, maybe something was lose in fenix sources.

btw, I’m just compiling Debian release from armbian github, cos VIM3L is full supported but has same the problem on spi port, no /dev/spidev file is is present, after editing /boot/armbianenv.txt and reboot of demo board.
the only positive note is that with the full support of armbian-config tool, I’m able to flash sdcard system onto emmc only with a command inside armbian-config menus.

Hi @pappicio
Thanks for your feedback, the problem has been fixed. Maybe tomorrow you can use it normally.

khadas@Khadas:~$ ls /dev/spidev*

thanks, tomorrow I’ll try (obviously we tell about UBUNTU from fenix github, not from armbian build github, right?!)

Ok. Within Ubuntu focal fossa as host system, can build 4.9.y kernel and image, and spi Port seemsnto be presente (only on sources into build/Linux/…/ Sources, I Have to try, but think that all works.
Now remsins only questione about vim1s and spi Port on gpioz pins.

We will update the source code with spi support soon.

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Source code uploaded to GitHub, you can use latest code to build your image.

yes, compiled (for VIM1S) and works, can see SPI port now!