No sound through USB interface. Help is needed

There is no problem with sound in Android 13! The sound works. But how can I solve the problem with a small screen area? Does the solution you gave me have anything to do with my case? I don’t need it to work in portrait mode. In Android 12 you solved many of my problems, as I understand it, with 13 I will have to solve everything all over again (. In Android 13 I distributed the Internet from my phone via 5 GHz Wi-Fi, but Khadas didn’t see it, it only worked with 2.4 GHz. In Android 12 there is no such problem was.

@magetra Thank you for your feedback. We ultimately need to spend more energy on Android 13. Even if you have problems testing now. You can give me feedback on the problems you have tested. The TP issue should be resolved according to the provided method.

I just verified and did not find this issue. Can you confirm again?

I checked again. After rebooting, wifi at 5GHz worked.

I have done some experiments with connecting the khadas device to my 4k touch monitor. When connecting type-c to type-c (thunderbold), a problem appears with the touchpad that does not work correctly in full screen. When connecting hdmi to hdmi, the touchpad works correctly in full screen.
Total: Touchpad problem when connected via thunderbold (type-c to type-c) Please fix this problem.
Tell me, should I close this topic and create a new one?

Follow the method I provided and create a new post if there are any touch related issues.
You only need to follow the link below to solve your touch problem.