No Sound in HDMI, VIM1

Have tried nearly all Ubuntu destop emmc ROM, none can play video with sound via hdmi. Any suggestion?

Hardware: VIM1, HDMI monitor with speaker

Played youtube video, yuku video, no problem for the visual, just no sound.

No sound problem for out-of-box android.

You meant that Android works but Ubuntu not, right?

Can you help to try with another monitor model?

It maybe compatible issue of some monitor models, can you show us the monitor model.

Good day!

Yes, pre-installed Android work, but not Ubuntu.

I did try connect it to a TV set, yes, it works. (VIM1_Ubuntu-xenial_Linux-4.9_mate_arm64_EMMC_2018-05-31). Thank you.

The model of the monitor is:
LG 25UM58
Resolution is 2560x1080

For your information, Pi running Ubuntu MATE support the monitor.

Is there any other method to get the sound direct from the board? e.g. from GPIO or USB.

It will be great if ubuntu support the higher resolution too, and Android does support.

Thanks a lot.

Yes, USB audio or I2S over the GPIO header also works out, but I think this issues still can be fixed by upgrade new ROM.

Can you kindly have a try the mainline Linux-4.19+ ROMs:

Good day!

Thanks for your reply.

I follow the steps in:

after formatted the sd card, it prompts an error:

L(1005)aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT, and bootloader.PARTITION all not in pkg

I’ve tried the following ROMs