No sound audio over HDMI Ubuntu Gnome


HI - i have khadas VIM4 - installed ubuntu 22.04 gnome 42.1. But i have no sound over HDMI. I have installed third party codecs. Only one sound card in alsamixer is AML-AUGESOUND. There is no hdmi option in gnome sound settings. How do you make HDMI works???

The default sound card for HDMI audio is device 4. You can check with commands below:

$ aplay -Dhw:0,4 test.wav

Anyway, this issue already be fxied and will in next release version.

yes aplay -Dhw:0,4 test.wav hdmi in this test works but is it possible to enable hdmi right now? There is no hdmi in alsamixer

Please update the dtb debian package manually.

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i linux-dtb-amlogic-5.4_1.0.11_arm64.deb
$ sync
$ sudo reboot

After reboot, please check again.

yes works thanks you very much for your support