No power? New board issues

Just got a new tone board. Using a windows 10 laptop, installed the drivers, I cannot get it to show up as a device. When I plug it in via usb I see the led on the board for a second then it turns off. I also tried connecting it to a 5v supply using spdif coming from an Allo DigiOne with no luck. Do I have a bad board or something?? It almost seems like it’s not staying powered on?

Hi @Mj452312 thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do a quality control check on the boards before we send out.

Please install this “firmware upgrade tool for windows 10”: here


If the driver upgrade software can’t detect or see your board, then it could be a hardware issue. In our experience, even if the firmware is buggy / damaged, the upgrade software on Windows 10, can detect the board.

Remember to post some videos / pictures of what you’re doing so we can understand better.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried this, but get no device found. It seems like the board is dead on arrival.


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Still no luck with this board in windows or voluminous…what next?

Hi @Mj452312, I’ll PM you.

Hello. I am also experiencing a similar issue with a new unit. It will not turn on from what I can see. Windows will not acknowledge it and the led light does not go on either. It seems to be a power issue.

@Edison @tsangyoujun please confirm and response.

Good day!

@franspambot I was told I need to pay to ship this back before anything can be done (which in my opinion isn’t a great option). I havent yet, and am worried about the cost to ship back from the US, so I have a nice little broken board :slight_smile: - good luck!

Uh oh, that’s not good to hear, MJ. I am in the US, so I imagine I will find myself in a similar spot.