No Audio over HDMI - (Edge2 Ubuntu Gnome)

I’m using a fresh install of the latest Ubuntu image, HDMI cable connected the television.

Absolutely no sound is coming out of the television. I checked the sound options in the ubuntu settings and it appears that there is activity that the system is trying to send out through the HDMI port, but zero sound is coming out. I have checked different HDMI cables as well and still no luck.


Hello @thesilente

Can you try the steps below to check the audio issue?

sudo mv /etc/pulse/ /etc/pulse/
sudo mv /etc/pulse/
sudo reboot

After reboot, please select the HDMI sound card.

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Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed!

This should be stickied, pinned, or posted on the Khadas Docs!

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This fixed will be in next release.

Related issue: even when using the above fix, after the computer goes to sleep, when woke up, it reverts back to headphone audio (forgets the HDMI audio as default). This requires the user to keep going back to audio settings just to set it back to HDMI. Is there a fix for this?

Hello @thesilente

We will check this issue.

I experience the same issue with Edge2Pro, only see two Analog Audio and one Headphone option for sound output - nothing for HDMI. Would be great to have this fixed. I am using Ubuntu 22.04.02 and Gnome 42.5