New! Trying my best to build a robot with AI

So I am green with big ambitions but I want to get my feet wet with AI and eventually build a useful mobile robot on wheels with a robotic arm (recently bought 2 3d printers). So now you know what my end goal is, this is my first issue. Please know that I am green with Linux to. I was thinking of starting off with Manjaro. I dont know if that would be best but for some reason when I try to boot the vim 3 with the Manjaro sd card in it, it juust gives me a black screen. I currently have Ubuntu desktop gnome focal with fenix 0.9.3 linux 5.7.0 U:boot .9-caad316 with the vim33 pro with fan and heatsink. And for what ever reason, the overclocks I set never save, nor do the fan settings. I understand I will have a steep road ahead of me but I guess you gotta start some time. I would be happy to hear back with any suggestions for any easier ways to get started.
Can any one sugest a good vnc for this? I would like a gui desktop and stream hi resolution (4k) back.

Thank you!



If you have never used VIM3 yet I’d suggest you to use one of the Ubuntu images Khadas provides and go from there. Why do you need it to be overclocked? It’s already powerful enough even for robotics, and the slight overclock will be more troublesome than worth the little gain.
From there you can start disabling Linux modules or even the desktop GUI and run only on terminal to focus most of the board resources and CPU to your robotics tasks.

I bet many people here will be more helpful but just my 2 cents

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I think it could be faster, besides I overclock all my computers. Its what I like to do. My PC runs a 9900k at 5.0 ghz with 64gb at 3800mhz, and a 2080ti @2.1ghz. Do you have a good suggestion on a good vnc to install and maybe your favorite GUI for ubuntu? Is there a package of useful software I could install at one time to get moving quicker? I still haven’t grasped installing apps that well… I have installed them but most of the time I am just following directions. Like which file extensions would be similar to a .exe or .msi?

Thanks in advance…

And if any one has any robot/ai tutorials/walk through links, I would really appreciate it a link. :slight_smile:

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Manjaro requires you to have Android in the eMMC to boot…
Its a due to the requirement of uboot

BTW, newer Debian & Ubuntu linux image have overclock capabilities, you just need to specify them in the env.txt file, present in the root directory…

Any vnc server will do, I tried tightvncserver and worked well: there are tons of tutorials out there for Ubuntu and most are pretty simple to setup.

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If using a Windows PC as the remote client, using xrdp with the stock Xfce desktop is also quite reasonable in performance,