New SBC coming?


I’m a bit curious and i would like to know if you have plan to sell new SBC in the near future ? (maybe with better CPU, more RAM, etc).

Hello. Khadas announced Rockchip 3588 this year.

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It should be a new edge SBC then no ?
Any ideas about the Rockchip 3588 vs VIM3 pro ?

3588 will be faster than vim3 pro for sure… Both are from different OEMs and generations.

3588 is getting delayed so I don’t suppose it will be anytime soon. Furthermore upon it release, the sbc will be later on and software will also be later on… If you need something stable or nearing maturity, go for vim3 pro, otherwise wait for bleeding edge 3588

I have also purchased vim3 pro 1 month ago and before my purchase I asked exactly same questions and finally decided to go with vim3 pro…