New M2X Extension without FPC Cable

Hello, the new " New M2X Extension" ( is not delivered with FPC Cable.
Do you know where I can buy the cable?

What FPC cable, the new M2X does not need any cable, it is placed over the m.2 slot, and slides into place, then screwed for support, may I know why you need that cable ?


I hadn’t seen it like that :slight_smile:

In fact I bought 2 boxes of khadas and I wanted to use the nvme because the applications do not run on an SD card. So my thought was to take out the nvme via a FPC Cable and create a box with a 3D printer ( + mini fan besause NVME is hot ^^ ).

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Yep, NVMe SSDs do get a bit hot, but that is not a problem when comparing that to its performance,
they are :fire: in both ways, if you like to say it that way :smile:,

you could 3D print an enclosure with it installed as it is flush with the outline of the vim3 and has nothing funny sticking out, like the old M2X board where the FPC cable stuck out, you could push it in but risk bending it, keep us posted on your project,