New M2X Extension - GPIO


I’m loving the VIM3. A great balance of processing power and GPIO. The only thing I’d really really like is an 8GB version :slight_smile:

I’m using the New M2X Extension board and I see it has GPIO pads on it. I can’t find any documentation, not even a pin-out for the GPIO on this board and a pointer to whether this is incremental GPIO or copies of existing IO on the main board’s header.

If additional GPIO that’s great. Where should I look in the sys directories for the files I need to read and write?

BTW - If I’ve missed the documentation, Google can’t find it either using the ‘site:’ qualifier so I’m hoping I’m not asking a dumb newbie question :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Hello, Welcome aboard. :smiley:
Have a look at the New M2X schematic for GPIO Pin assignments and other pin data.
Silkscreen drawing.
3D Step files.
Press kit zip file(various info), right-click here and select save as, or save target as, etc.
For future needs, check and


Fabulous! Thank you.

Hello @KhadasIsCool !

Unfortunately the Memory address length of the VIM3 is limited to a 32bit wide bus, so 232 bytes is 4GB of memory, and cannot access any more…

But do not worry, 4GB of Memory is almost plentiful for the majority of applications it can Run, and you will never feel the lack of extra memory :slightly_smiling_face: