Need someone to do some tests for me

Ok thank you guys, I will have to see, I expected a little more, also it seems that ur GPIO is not compatible with the Raspi display and other Hats, that is downside for me,

I want to use RPi GPIO display with no fuss at all, in that case, it is making it difficult for me to decide,

Yes I see that, but I have greater hopes for Superceleron’s Amazing Android ROM :relaxed:

Hmm, yes that is true, but maybe you can use the Khadas touch screen instead ?

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the only thing I want to draw your attention to is that the processor is the fastest today, since many manufacturers have 1.7,1.8, Khadas has full 2.2 and 1.8 frequencies


Yes i agree but i need compatibility as well, Thank you


I agree, you need to weigh everything!



WHere are these roms at? (super celeron roms)

Does he have one for all of the VIM boards or just the VIM3?

Thats awsome, best i got was 140k from my VIM3 antutu 8.3

THe best rockchip was 120 k from my CSA96 box, my Khadas 3399 on gets 109k for some reason its sub par

Superceleron does seem to be just for Amlogic

do you need firmware for vim3?

what version rom did you score that 164k with?

Was it Atv v2?

Yes vim3

his latest version is “normal”

link to give you?

link me please i want to try it


Well in that case I need to look somewhere else, probably RPi, as your sbc’s do not suit my needs, in terms of size and GPIO, but otherwise excellent device :ok_hand:

Thank you @Electr1 and @Vladimir.v.v
for your time and support :slight_smile:

I will be in this community to keep up with all the news and sbc’s release in the future, as your Forum is very lively !

Good day gentlemen.


@Aurasped please consider your choice once more, but it is your opinion, thank you for being a part of our community, :slight_smile:

good day !

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Keep us updated on your project, perhaps if you read the forum, you will find a lot of interesting things and discover something new! as Khadas have great opportunities, and it seems that there will be even more!

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Yea, Amazing Khadas always Amazes you, duh !

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wow! thats impressive!!

I think we can expect Atleast 10000 points increase if we get android 10 or android 11/x64

The shield is still around 240k but 160K is one of the best ive seen other then the shield so far

The Nvidia shield cannot be compared to SBC’s in my opinion…
Just wait there is a hero coming to dethrone the Shield Altogether…

Also the shield is only a hard-hitter due to its GPU, the CPU has a different story…
making the shield practically useless for other real life tasks…