Need compleae sourse code for marshmallow

I have purchased 2 khadas vim boards. my requirement was to study, how to edit in android firmware like changing the characters, and change the background image etc. I have seen some android firmware in your website. i just downloaded them but that was an image file. Please give me the full firmware file that can be editable and please guide me for editing this.
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Both Android Marshmallow and Nougat source code are available on Github, and the download instructions are available on Khadas Docs.

And you might also interested in Build Android.

Good luck!

sir , i couldn’t understand which one is the android firmware . please tell me which one it is.

I’m not quite sure whether or not I understand your question well, but I try to answer as following:

  1. You are asking Android Firmware:
    All our release firmware at Firmware Resource Page on Khadas Docs.

  2. You are asking Android Source code:

  • All the Android M source code are release on our Github with more than 500+ repositories, and is management by the repo android_manifest
  • The instructions to download the android source code are available at Download instructions