My VIM3 Pro keep rebooting randomly with Android Pie ROM

Hi, Just bought an VIM3 Pro. It keeps rebooting randomly (and very frequently) with Android Pie ROMs. I tried V200624 nad V200319. Burned into EMMC flash with USB-C. And I just did some normal operation: browse files with file explorer, play copied video files, play youtube videos, or sometimes do nothing and it reboots.

Is this normal? Is the Android PIe ROM now still very unstable? Or is it related to VIM3 Pro board I have?

Your replies are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hello, What power supply and cable are you using? Sounds like a power starvation issue.
Also, are you using a heatsink and/or fan?

Thanks for the reply. I am using a 5.0V, 2A power supply (Samsung) with USB-C cable. The heatsink I am using is 14.5mmx15mmx13mm wetterott#201835 ( Is it too small? When I load the Ubuntu ROM it does not have this reboot issue.

A 5v, 2a supply is OK for light loads only. If you are using USB connected devices or storage it could come up a little short, resulting in reboots. If available try a stronger PS, for instance, the Khadas 24w PD power supply. 12v, 2a PS will also work well.

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Thanks RDFTKV. This should be the reason. I will try a stronger power supply. Thanks for the help.

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Please let us know how it goes. :smiley:

After changing power supply to a Raspberry Pi power supply (5.1V, 3A), it works for 20 min so far without any rebooting. I think this problem is fixed. Thanks again.