My Vim2MAX died

It is completely out of work

I reset him 2 times
And He died
Hoe can I proceed?
Thank you


Why and How my Khadas VIM2MAX ()died
) Its serial number: 80:E4:DA:81:24:06 and the nickname I gave it - MySuperK

  1. I am not a programmer, I know only the necessaire to run my devices.

  2. I am very concerned about details and very analytical.

  3. I am german descendant and like almost germans very judicious on what I do.

  4. In the beginning of 2017 I bought my first tvbox, here in my city, a Chinese 1GB ram/5GB HTV5, plug and play. It is running until now. Without any problem. It introduced me in the field of the tvboxes and in a new world with many options and devices. And I started to read about the other devices and its specifications.

  5. In the middle of 2017, through GearBest, I bought my second tvbox. A Chinese R69 Sunvell 1GB ram/5GB. Like the other it is running very well until now.

  6. Almost at the end of 1917 I read about Khadas devices and bought MySuperK. The figures and the device´s resources impressed me very much. 3GB ram/64 GB rom it was superb.

  7. Well, I received MySuperK in December and started to use only it as a tvbox. Ok, it runned very well all the time. But I was always curious about its resources. I would like to use Ubuntu like a Windows 10 and so on.
    The first problem

  8. One day, looking the list of applications I had introduced in MySuperK one of then show me a update solicitation Figure 01 (I took a photo of this screen) , showed below. And I gave the permission. The device stopped and start in a looping process I could not stop. Figure 02 (I recorded that looping).

  9. MySuperK did not response.
    The second problem

  10. Then I call a friend and asked him the problem and ask for a solution. He is not an expert but in other situations with my other devices he helped me to solve the problems quite well.

  11. He ask me to reset the device.

  12. I have read about how to reset MySupeK and did it.

  13. Then we had a sucession of screens – Figures 03 to 10 – and I think I have reset MySuperK two or more times.

  14. MySuperK died.

  15. I tried to find an expert or specialist in my city (São Paulo, Brazil, South America) to solve the problem, but I didn’t find that person. I bought some cables to connect MySuperK to my PC if necessaire.

  16. It is very difficult or almost impossible to find that expert here. Some people know a little because of the Raspbery devices, very popular here.
    What to do

  17. Then I decided to fix MySuperK by myself and to write to you, to participate in the Khadas Foruns and to ask for help.

  18. What do I have to do or contact? I can send you the photos in a better quality. Thanks a lot.

Rodolpho Meyer Neto
Mobile and Whatsapp + 55 11 9 9656 4499

Hi rmeyer:
You can upgrade a new ROM to let your MySupeK(VIM2 Max) work again, and you can follow the instructions to upgrade the ROM:

Recommend to upgrade the latest ROM which is available here:


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