My night time usage of the Vim3 -- AstroKhadas

After some tinkering and with your generous help, I’ve finally configured my vim3 into a telescope control center ready for some serious astrophotography! And I can just control it remotely with a laptop in a sweet warm room! No need to stand in the freezing wind anymore :wink:


That’s great job! :heart_eyes:

Would love to see some amazing photographs taken from these equipments.


Wow yes, freezing wind bad, warm room good! :smile:

Is it okay if I post your pictures on Facebook, maybe next week? @Eurus

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@tsangyoujun Sure, I’m honored.

@Spikerguy Waiting for a fine weather… And integrating more gears on it.


Excellent work indeed, look forward to the Interface you are using/created.

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It’s a really good job and I admit that I am curious to know how it works x)

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Here is the complete set. I mounted the Vim3 up with the guide scope to avoid having flying cables up and down. Cable management is really a challenge.

And finally the weather looks fine this weekend and I seem to have the time to go for a run for real!


Looks neat! Time for some astronomy pics. :smile: