MXQ S805 does not communucate with usb burning tools

Hello I need some help. I have MXQ S805 Amlogic TV box. I was updating, updating process Firmware did not work and my screen start showing just and Red light. I opened my box and I was touching Memory ram, finely I turn back red to Blue but now I do not have any signal to TV . I start to use USB burning, MXQ S805 does not communicate none of the Burning tools and I do not know why. Now I need help Please

Hello, have you checked, in the Amlogic/S805 section for help? Several iterations of the MXQ S805 were manufactured. You mat have to open your MXQ to find a compatible firmware.
Hope you get it going.

Hello thank you for your answer. I try everything to get help from FREAKTAB.COM but I did not get no answer or information, I sent lots of message to Mathew person that showing all the update but I did not get any answer.
Please explain to me my box shows on TV screen says no Connection. Screen looks black, when I try to update with SD Card I do not get no other screen or the picture. Why USB burning tool does not communicate with the box. How can I upload android firmware in to my MXQ S805 box?. How can I communicate with USB burning tool.? Please give me some information thank you, I try everything but I can not make USB Burning tool to communicate with MXQ S805 box.
Firmware has to be ZIP file or IMG file?? Please

Hello, Please provide link to your post on Freaktab, and I’ll see if I can help. Though my experience on the MXQ S805 is limited, and dated.