Multihome network under android

I just tested multihoming with Android 9 on my Odroid N2 and it did not work.
Only wifi or only ethernet, can’t seem to do both…

Anyone ever tried this on a Vim3 SBC?

I don’t have a VIM at this time, waiting on the emergency before my order can be shipped out to me.

Wondering if this is going to be an issue.

I need to talk to hardware on the ethernet side that will have no gateway to the internet and use Wifi to reach the internet.


Hello @JustSumDad, About multihoming with Android 9, Maybe @Terry or @goenjoy Can help you .

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Thank you, I would really like an answer to this if possible.
My VIM3 order is delayed and I may not see it for several weeks, planning out my project changes based on this.
I may have to order more hardware if it cannot handle this and I would like to work on my planning.

Thank you

I have never received an answer here…

mind you I am also still waiting on my VIM3 Pro…

@JustSumDad Hello, I am sorry that I am not careful that you board is Odroid n2 . It’s not a same chip with VIM3 . So It will be have so much things need to modifed . I don’t recommend that you burn the firmware of vim3 . If you still need it, you can get the source code from our GitHub and modify and compile it yourself

May I know the application why you need the multihoming feature?

The VIM3 spec with RSDB 2T2R Wi-Fi that you might interesting.

Have fun!

RSDB: Real Simultaneous Dual Band, lets VIM3 and other devices transmit and receive data over 2 bands simultaneously.

I have an RPI3 working as an NVR with two IP cameras on a wired network and I want to be able to open a browser from the android SBC to this setup over Ethernet and still have access to the internet from the SBC at the same time over wifi.

RSDB: Real Simultaneous Dual Band, lets VIM3 and other devices transmit and receive data over 2 bands simultaneously.

Does this work with your android image? I am sure the hardware is able to do this, and I bet I could set this up with Linux but that does not help me since I must use Android for this head unit.


@Frank, sorry you have misunderstood, I am not trying to take anything from the Odroid at all. The Odroid N2 was NOT able to do this and had other shortcomings with USB Bluetooth, so it will not be used nor will any part of it, I am selling that SBC and moving the project to the VIM3.

I just want to know if the VIM3 is able to use both the Ethernet port AND wifi at the same time under the android image you supply.

Hello, Not sure this addresses your concern. But I have used Eth and WiFi simultaneously when WiFi is a hotspot on VIM3 Android.
I can double check that, if that point satisfies the concern.

Thanx so much for your reply, it is promising to hear that.
I don’t know if your configured to test, but to be certain this would work, could you wifi into another hotspot, ISP modem or wifi teather to say a cell ph or something like that, then at the same time ping some piece of hardware on that is on the Ethernet and run a google query at the same time? That would make me certain I don’t need to add a Wifi AP on my Ethernet to ensure I have gateway to the internet and Ethernet at the same time :slight_smile: This configuration is getting to many extra bits of hardware already!!

if this is too much I still thank you for the info you have given!!

I will attempt it, but it will be tonight before I am with the VIM3.

@JustSumDad Use the least firmware . When you use Ethernet , you can set wifi to be a hostpot .

I do not have much experience with this sort of thing. It has been a while since I have checked my router’s settings, I generally use fairly restrictive settings as devices here do not communicate with each other and are generally not setup to be aware of each other. This may adversely effect pinging of local devices, but as stated, my skills are lacking here.
-The VIM3 is connected to eth - to switch, - to router - to Cbl Modem.
-Using the VIM3’s WiFi hotspot to my Android phone(not cell connected).
-Using Fing Network Tools from my phone, I can ping the VIM3’s eth, as well as the router. I have not been successful in pinging other devices connected to the router. However, I also have a another router connected to the switch that is used as a WiFi AP, I can ping my second Android phone when it is connected to that router’s WiFi.
Unfortunately, my lack of skills and uncertainty of my router’s settings means this test will not be conclusive.
If I get a chance I will delve in to it further. However, you would probably be better served, and get a more solid answer, from those with more experience in this area.

I really appreciate your efforts and I dont want to you to change your working setup as it appears your not fully comfortable with networking setups.

Plz dont risk messing up what you have that works :slight_smile:

what you have given me is very promising, you have shown that the two interfaces can be active at the same time, this is the strongest positive evidence so far :slight_smile:

Thank you

Thank you but my project will not be using the wifi as hotspot.

This is for a mobile setup, my cell phone will act as wifi hotspot, the VIM3 will connect as a client to my cell phone in this way to get internet access.

The ethernet side is to access other devices on a second network.


You can achieve this with OpenWRT if it is available for Vim3. Why would you use a powerful device like this for Routing where you only have 2 camera’s.

I don’t think Android have DHCP Server over lan. Only WIFI Hopspot.
From the above topology. I can think of connecting the phone’s usb to VIM3 and enable usb tethering which will get internet on VIM3 and enable hotspot on vim3 but you will need a wifi2lan adaptor which can connect to vim3’s hotspot and transfer it to your switch over lan.

I hope this sounds sensible.


I am NOT routing packets from one network to the other at all.

The VIM3 will also perform the functions of GPS, MUSIC, HAM radio APRS, internet google search, casual browsing etc etc etc

The second network is ONLY to access the NVR and cameras via browser.
All the devices on the second network will have fixed IP addresses so no DHCP will be required.
they dont need to reach the internet, so no DNS or gateway is required.

@JustSumDad I am sorry for that when you use Ethernet , you can use wifi to connect you phone . I think if you just use you to give the access . use you phone connect to VIM3 , it is also fine

ok, thanx.

As long as both network interfaces can be active at the same time, I am good.