Multi-Channel Audio on Edge-V?


I just received my new Edge-V - Thanks!!! It is fast and runs great. I love it!

The reason for my purchase is to send multi-channel audio (in a video) to an external sound processor via HDMI.

I have tried various players and they are all set up to allow audio passthrough.

HOWEVER, sound is always mixed down to stereo. The players each recognize the audio as 7.1 channel, and they are all configured to allow multi-channel audio, but [because of Android 7.1.2 or the hardware?] I can’t get anything more than stereo out.

I know this is a difficult topic to address, but can you give some guidance on how to set up Edge-V, or Android 7.1.2 on Edge-V, to play multi-channel audio via HDMI?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @olengofer,

Regarding your question, we need to take some time to check, then our engineers @goenjoy @Terry will reply to you.

Please understanding, thank you!

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You can try my firmware, 7.1 passthrough is working correctly in Kodi and other apps.
In Kodi - System - Audio, enable all the passthrough codecs your external device supports.

Use the latest Kodi app from here

This is an extract from the Kodi log
2019-12-12 03:53:13.801 T:4353 DEBUG: AESinkAUDIOTrack: Using IEC PT mode: 13
2019-12-12 03:53:13.802 T:4353 DEBUG: AC3 and DTS via IEC61937 is supported
2019-12-12 03:53:13.885 T:4353 DEBUG: E-AC3 and DTSHD-HR via IEC61937 is supported
2019-12-12 03:53:13.972 T:4353 DEBUG: DTSHD-MA and TrueHD via IEC61937 is supported

HD audio passthrough is not currently working on stock Edge-V firmware since the source code hasn’t been updated to include the fixes from Rockchip.


Thanks for the reply! I grabbed the files and will load them in the next week or so. Thanks again - I appreciate this very much!

Hi @mo123 , I have one question… Do I need the custom ffmpeg codec? The file is not available at the link provided? ( Do you have a different download location?


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You can download the custom codec for MxPlayer from here

Kodi should just work, if you enable passthrough in it’s sound settings.
Kodi should give you the best video playback.
For VLC player there is also a ‘Enable Passthough’ option in it’s settings you must enable.


Can you tell me which patch it is?


You must update frameworks/base

After opening Kodi, enable Debug logging in System - Logging.
Then exit, re-open Kodi and exit.
Open /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/temp/kodi.log in a file manager that has enabled show hidden files/folders eg. MiXplorer, FX File manager since the Kodi folder is hidden then check in the log for these lines
AESinkAUDIOTrack: Using IEC PT mode: 13
AC3 and DTS via IEC61937 is supported
E-AC3 and DTSHD-HR via IEC61937 is supported
DTSHD-MA and TrueHD via IEC61937 is supported
if they show then all the HD Audio passthrough codecs will work correctly.

Here is a guide for debug logging and Kodi log

In Android - TvSettings - Sound check that it is set to HDMI Bitstream if using an HDMI AVR sound system or SPDIF if using coaxial 5.1 analog sound system.
In Kodi - System - Sound, enable Passthough at the bottom settings, Expert mode must be enabled in the bottom left corner to see these settings, choose DTS, AC3, E-AC3, TrueHD, DTS-HD depending on what codecs your HDMI AVR supports, don’t select AC3 transcoding.
If using SPDIF, you can enable DTS, AC3 and AC3 transcoding only.


Hi @mo123, I have not gotten the courage to attempt the updates you suggest. I am afraid I will ruin my Edge-V!

Can you tell me - if this issue has been fixed in the mainline firmware, is there a more streamlined way (now, since it has been a couple months) to upgrade the firmware that is easier for someone like me to do?

Thanks again for any assistance or guidance you can provide!

Fixed in my latest firmware and also in Khadas latest firmware.
You can also use a micro-sd card with SDDiskTool to upgrade firmware on emmc with my latest firmware.
There are also extra MaskROM buttons on the side of the Khadas Edge-V so you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong, you can just flash again.