Mounting hole size/spacing

Could someone confirm the size of mounting holes in VIM2 - the image on gearbest says it’s M2 (2mm diameter), but it loooks more like M2.5 to me. Also, the offical 2D drawing seems to omit the spacing between mounting holes. Is there other drawing with this information?

Hi, Hadrian:
It’s M2 for both VIM1 and VIM2.

Have fun!

Thanks for the reply Gouwa! Do you know if there is a official mechanical specification for VIM2? I’m planning to make my own custom case.

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Hi, Hadrian:
We released DXF format file on Khadas Docs, and all the mechanical can get from the DXF files.

I’m not quite sure what further info still needed for you.

Looking forward for your case!

I was more thinking about something like this here: RPi Specs

Understand, we will update with a PDF file tomorrow. @Ben007

Hi, Hadrian:
We released PDF format mechanical file on Khadas Docs, and all the exact mechanical dimension you can get from the PDF files.
Sorry for the confusion for you .

This is exactly what I was looking for. thank you!

Hello! You have drawings for connectors side?

Drawing(PDF) without dimensions here


i talk about USB, LAN, HDMI side

Are you looking for schematics or a mechanical drawing?

Mechanical drawings to make front panel

Hi, can you please let me know size of bit, which I need for unscrew triangle screw head? Thank you

Hello, The screws are M2 screws with TA, tamper-resistant heads. I have found by holding pressure on the head with my thumb, the nuts can be unscrewed without tools. Though you may need a wrench or pliers to break the nut loose. As always, when using metal fasteners in plastic, be careful not to over-tighten fasteners.

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I see, thank you. But anyway, is it possible to know size of bit for that screw?

I do not have any of these bits, but based on information found here(scroll down to “Regular polygons”), I would think most likely it is a TA18. Possible, but less likely, it is a TA20.