Most Stable OS for receiving coded video using DVB USB Dongle?

Hey Folks,
I’m working on a project based on a Khadas VIM 2. I am required to receive a self-coded video over DVB Network and display it on a monitor, Its like a secure and private video call. It’s my first time working on such a thing, any help would be highly appreciated. My questions come below:

  1. what OS are you suggesting that is highly stable and light-weight, considering that it should be a clean and online Video call with no crashing the system and miscommunication?
  2. The same question for the application I’m gonna use as the base video player, which is open-source, leight-weight, stable, and easy to be understood and modified and also its better that it does not require cross-compiling, considering the OS you are suggesting for the first question?
    Many thanks in advance