More resolution help

I am currently stuck on monitors that support 1920x1080. i am lost as to why this wont boot to alternate resolutions. i am new to all of this. i tried to follow this guide but it was woefully inadequate. i am running the latest ubuntu mate image…

Hi, following are the test instructions for Ubuntu(Terry will provide Android ROM):

  1. Upgrade to latest Ubuntu ROM V170220

did that

  1. Download the ramdisk images37 for specified HDMI resolutions.

did that

  1. Follow the U-Boot usage guidance18 to upgrade the new ramdisk:

lost on this i expanded the images but not sure what to do now. what is usb_update? a program a command? thanks

kvim# usb_update ramdisk ramdisk_1366x768p60hz.img

  1. Reboot and check the HDMI output resolution(System --> Preferences --> Hardware --> Displays):