Module S912 for organization's servers (clusters). Fantasy for the future

What I see next module (VIM-SERVER-912). It is a payment without a chip Wi-Fi (without antennas), without any additional circuits and connectors (without the 40 pin connector and all components, without buttons for power, reset, etc.). Should be used a simplified version of the case (to insert without screws) for vertical installation fees and the possibility of assembling in a “horizontal” set of modules (on the principle of placing the books on the shelf in the library). Building the modules is not in height, and in width (the Board module is placed vertically), the next module is added either to the left or to the right. For such layout you can make a case for standard 19" rack size 2U\3U in two versions. 1. For one “line” vertically assembled circuit boards. 2. Perpendicular to the front side installation of multiple lines in the entire depth of the housing. Front line Board set modules, folding\removable strap with mounting kit cooling fan.