Missing VIM3 NPU model for face_landmark_5 from https://github.com/khadas/AML_NN_SDK


The VIM3 face_landmark_5 model is missing from GitHub - khadas/AML_NN_SDK - please let me know where can I get the face_landmark_5 model for VIM3.

Description of GitHub - khadas/AML_NN_SDK :

  1. Clone
    git clone GitHub - khadas/AML_NN_SDK
    mv AML_NN_SDK AML_NN_SDK_Khadas && cd AML_NN_SDK_Khadas

  2. The face_landmark_5 model is not found for the VIM3 NPU (88):
    $ find . -name ‘_5

  3. Note that a face_landmark_68 model exists for VIM3 NPU (88) and all other NPU versions
    $ find . -name ‘_68

Gal Shalif @ Noveto systems