Missing status bar on Android


How do I enable status bar on Android ?. Typically this should have power off, volume control and screen shot icon.
Are you guys planning to implement this ?


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I’m curious (as I love that it’s not there) what do you want to use it for?

Might be good to have a toggle option. I use a launcher that can do that and the dock…

On most Android boxes you can swipe the status bar up or down. So that ways it will support the different use cases

We will add the option in the next release rom .
Allows user to enable or disable the status bar



Sorry to reply to an old thread, but:

I’d like to use the status bar as well. I kinda want to reach to an android system as stock as possible.
I’m afraid though, that I couldn’t find the option. Where exactly is it located?
And also, if I’d want to compile the AOSP tree by myself, how can I enable the status bar by default?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, I don’t recall for sure, not with the the tech at the moment, so I cannot check. Did you check under display settings?

Hey, thanks! It’s there actually, as you said.

I wasn’t using the “full” Settings, but the side one. It wasn’t on that one.

Glad it’s going.

is the issue solved yet?

Hello, Upper and Lower statusbars can be enable/disabled. Go to Settings/More settings/Display to select the options.