Missing Specs from Captain

Hello Community,

I am new here but I am rather interested in the concept, I havent found any information on the captain however.
I am interested in its dimensions of the full board and the placements of the the mounting holes.

If someone could either link me to the files where I could more information on it, the links in the doc are dead as of now.

Furthermore I am quite fond of the idea of building my own “Captain” as I am quite limited in space this project around, I however am completely new to something like that, does anybody have some good resources on this?

Thank you for any input

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Hi, coruscate:

The dimensions of Captain is 82.0 x 116.0 x 13.5 mm, more details at:

Schematic here:

Have fun!

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Thank you so much! What a fast response aswell! Hats oof.
Top work from you lads.