Mipi lcd active in ubuntu on vim3

I am using ubuntu 20.04 grome version for vim3.
Currently mipi-lcd does not turn on on ubuntu
I want to enable mipi-lcd.

How can I enable mipi-lcd in ubuntu 20.04?

@debian please note mipi-lcd works only in 4.9 legacy kernel

go to the /boot/env.txt
and below the HDMI configuration, make sure there is this line (if not exists, create it)


this should enable the lcd.

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I use 4.9.241 kernel for ubuntu grom 20.04 on vim3

I add mipi_lcd_enabled=true at /boot/env.txt
and sudo reboot

But mipi-lcd is still black and is not active.

How i active mipi-lcd on ubuntu ?

try providing more power to board,
and don’t use sd-usb boot. it will not have the correct timing, and won’t give proper display output.

Okay. now I use sd-usb image. So I will try mmc-boot image.

And Could I know what code file for mipi-lcd in linux-khadas?
thanks a lot for you.

I’m not sure about that, you can ask @numbqq or @Terry

You don’t need to setup for LCD screen, it will be autodetected. But you need to remove the HDMI cable if you want to use the LCD.

Hi numbqq

I want to active mipi-lcd by modifying the device-tree.

What is the mipi code file in the linux code below, and can you guide me on how to use it with device-tree? (in ubuntu 20.04)

Which platform driver should be used and how to modify the device-tree?

I would also like to know if there is no other way to use sudo insmod mipi-lcd.

Thank you.

To use TS050, you don’t need to modify the code.