Hello support,
My application is to drive one eDP display using VIM3 Khadas board.
now for the same i have designed one bridge board using bridge IC
where DSI is the input and eDP is the output.
so now i have to drive LCD and so i have write some code/driver for the same
so how i can write and what kind of code needed for the same.
i am sharing some details like Bridge IC datasheet and all
so please help me for the same.

bridge ic link:

here is my application diagram

i found some driver for the same bridge ic but i don’t know how to use it and what are the modifications needed and where to place it.


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Why did you use the eDP LCD? Can you tell me more about your product related information?

i’m using this edp display because this display specification match with product requirement.
and that’s why i have to use this display but this display has eDP port interface where VIM3 has
MIPI DSI interface so i have used bridge ic SN86DSI which is DSI to eDP bridge.
but now i don’t know how to make possible to work VIM3 + SN86DSI +eDP display.
what kind of code,drivers,and changes needed in current board.

Firstly, you need to add SN86DSI driver support on kernel.
We haven’t debugged the SN86DSI chip.

Thanks Terry,
Okay but can you please tell me steps for the same
how to do it?

Hello @Terry
i’m waiting for your response

I’m sorry for that. I can’t tell you the specific steps.

hello @Terry ,
I have one mipi to edp development board and i have attached it with VIM3 and display(1920x1080)
but it is not working
development board has inbuilt microcontroller which configure bridge ic so i think no driver need for vim3 it should work directly with normal interface but it’s not working
so is there any setting from vim3 needed
please help me for the same