MIPI-DSI and TP connection to VIM3l

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To be honest - I’m pretty noob in a HW, so I apologies if those questions have been answered before. I’m building my own yet another dashboard project and HDMI connection isn’t an option for me as I need to control LCD panel backlight and limited in a volume. I’m planning to use LCD panel of 7 or 8" with MIPI-DSI connection + TP. As for software part - i understand that I’ll need to change DTS files for correct timings and modify kernel resolution and enable lcd in a boot loader. My questions are about MIPI-DSI and TP attachments.

1/. Through schematics it seems any LCD with 30-pin MIPI cable should fit, but may require some extra efforts for correct voltage supply to LCD panel itself. Like in TS050 it may require +5V, -5V for LCD backlight. Perhaps somebody can point me to a simple LCD panel which will work out of the box with Khadas MIPI-DSI

2/ My main power bus to VIM3L is planned to be 12V to VIN - if I read carefully through schematics - the same VIN voltage will be supplied as VSYS power on MIPI-DSI connection (pins 26-30 on MIPI-DSI connector) ? So it needs a care and better attach a voltage regulator to LCD panel itself ?

3/ As for TP digitizers - looking on Aliexpress - most of them comes out with 6-pin cable, but VIM3L is 10-pin. If my understanding correct - in reality I need only 6 lines - 2 for I2C, TP INT, TP Reset, VCC and GND. Can 6 pin TP digitizers attached to 10 pin connector on a VIM3L main board or it need some extra efforts to route a signals ? Again if somebody can point to TP that works out of the box - it will be much appreciated.

@Terry - could I kindly ask you to answer ?

I think there should be no LCD matching available at present. You need to contact the LCD supplier to sample for you.

Yes, you are right. The DCIN(pins 26-30 on MIPI-DSI connector) is for LCD backlight.

You need to confirm your TP panel, it only need 6 lines you said if your TP panel on with 3v3 voltage.

Can you describe the project of you in detail by email. Maybe we can help you develop your project faster.

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