MIPI_Display Cable


We want to know the exact specifications of the MIPI_Display Cable which Khadas is selling here…Reason, why we need those specifications, is we need a longer length cable and want to use the same specifications which Khadas is using to manufacture cable to avoid any unnecessary issues/debugging.

Krunal Shah

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Hello @Krunal

It is 15mm 30 pin FPC cable for the DSI port ,and
5mm 10 pin FPC cable for the TP connector…
0.5mm pitch
single sided contacts…

more info here on the connector: Hirose FPC Connector

and the info available at Hirose website

Please go through these documents and see the compatible connection cables…



I think with the connector it is more or less clear, are there longer cables or are they standard?

Yes, they sell other cables… but,
you need to know the standard size of the connector to obtain suitably compatible cables…

thanks for the information, you can give a link for a cable of a different size?

Hi @Electr1 and @Vladimir.v.v

Thanks a lot for the Inputs…So any flex cable matching the criteria mentioned in the Hirose website is okay? We don’t need an impedance controller cable for the MIPI Lines.

The Connectors which has been used on EDGE-V and VIM3 Boards have top and bottom contact right?


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Yes they have double sided contacts… but I believe use of single sided FPC cable is better (as it usually has better resilience), just incase you can contact the Khadas engineers, to help guide you…

Either @Totti or @katherine should be able to help you…

Good day!

you say there is, but you can not give a link to the cable?

It has been seen that such a product exists… but I do not know which source provides it…
If they know some supplier, I am sure they can obtain the cables by knowing the requirements of the cable…

to be honest, I already realized that you have no supporting information about what you write, thanks

Hello, Perhaps the TS050’s schematic will give you the necessary information. It includes headers from VIMs and Edge, as they relate to the TS050 and its headers.
The Data sheet for the IC may also have useful information.

To add, I looked at the best photo I found of the cable. I don’t see anything special going on there, just looks like pin-to-pin traces. That being said, there may some limit on the cable’s length for best performance, someone from Khadas could best provide that information.


A bit of offtopic, but I was always curious about what exactly does the “daughterboard” do. I mean the functionality, and if it could be used for bigger panels rather than their 5"

hello, I think it is necessary to look at the display specification for the required connector, only in this case

@jgalt91 It just splits up the MIPI connector and TP connector to be routed to their individual cables…
There is nothing much on it except a few passives and power controllers (VRMs) for the LCD panel…

However, I believe your concern should be that, the display you intend to choose is compatible or not…

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I think that if any other display has a similar connector, there should be no problem

Probably, depends on the display, as it was specifically designed for the TS050,
but again, it depends

Hi @Electr1 @Vladimir.v.v @RDFTKV @jgalt91

So No special requirement of the cable manufacturing just Normal FPC Cable Compatible with the connector will work? No Impedance Control or anything else is needed, correct?


Yes @Krunal, If you find a cable that matches the same specifications as the one khadas provides, or the connection accepts you are well and free to use it…

Good Day!

Hi @Electr1 So what are the specifications which Khadas has provided?

I have given those specifications in the first post, everything you need to refer to is available there…