MIPI-CSI camera ov7251 not working with ISP

Hello team,

-We have ported a ov7251 driver to the khadas BSP. Well all seems to be working fine on our driver side, but still unable to stream video.
According to the logs ,we could see it fails at ISP side :

"[ 360.188148] acamera_interrupt_handler@acamera.c:557 GENERIC(CRIT) :Found error resetting ISP. MASK is 0x100000
[ 360.188174] acamera_fw_error_routine@acamera_fw.c:121 GENERIC(CRIT) :stopping isp failed, timeout: 1632000.
[ 360.188182] acamera_fw_error_routine@acamera_fw.c:134 GENERIC(CRIT) :starting isp from error
[ 360.193158] AM_MIPI: am_mipi_deinit:Success mipi deinit
[ 360.193166] acamera_interrupt_handler@acamera.c:557 GENERIC(CRIT) :Found error resetting ISP. MASK is 0x8
[ 360.193171] fw_intf_stream_stop@fw-interface.c:331 GENERIC(CRIT) :
[ 360.193172] Stream off 0

Could you help us debug the issue or suggest us the way to configure the ISP for new sensor,as we didn’t find any relevent document for it" Have a look at these log files.


@thanhhc please consult Khadas Team, they will have more experience with the Camera and related drivers, I will tag them for you, @Terry, @Frank could you please help here, Thank you.

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Hi Thanh,
I’m afraid the OV7251 will not works properly on VIM3 at least at this time points, and the point is that almost all SoC vendors including Rockchip, Amlogic will to release the ISP documents.

The only solutions now are:

  • Use the supported list sensor models
  • The the camera modules that with ISP built-in

BTW, may I know why you need to use OV7251 sensor? Thinking if there are better solutions for you.

Good day!


Hi @Gouwa

We have our custom dual camera board which connected to the khadas board ,and
requirement to use ov7251 camera is
-need global shutter
-low cost
-For stereo vision

So currently we are bound to use this camera sensor, So it would be very helpful,if you could help us debug issue.
As the issue is around the ISP module seen from the logs.
Or is there any way like bypassing the ISP or have any other way to do so.We could provide the log files too for reviweing


Hi @Gouwa @Electr1

Could you suggest where should I find a further help for this kind of issue. Do you have any contact point with the Amlogic support team you think I could get help from?

have a good day

@thanhhc I am just a simple forum member, If you want to get to Amlogic, best shot is to ask khadas themselves, please refer to some of the members that might be able to help you, also please add @numbqq

I understand, but your contribution is very important on the Khadas forum

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@thanhhc I also wanted to add these points in my previous post:

  • this is the first time anyone has ever tried to use double cam. sensors, and also use a different type of sensor at the same time, so any experience we gain here is a path laid for people in the future.

  • also note the ISP can only handle a max of 8 MP of data bandwidth at the same time, so if the sum of megapixels of your two cameras exceed that amount, you might want to try to use a pair of sensor that have a lesser sum, the split-up should be something like, 4MP + 4MP

Please verify that as well.

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Yes I thank you again :slightly_smiling_face:

hi @Electr1.
thank you again.
in fact we designed the board with the intention of capturing a 2xVGA images. So about the data bandwidth it shouldn’t be an issue here, should it?

@numbqq someone suggests me to consult a khadas team member and you are the first one I’m thinking of. Do you have any advice?


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@thanhhc I sorry, I am not a khadas employee, and you are not the first one to ask me like I am a Khadas team member :sweat_smile:,

My experience does not go farther in this field, I suggest you ask Frank or Terry for help,

Now my statement should be clear, If the problem is not caused due to excess bandwidth, it is related to Software, since the existing software was made with 1 Camera in mind, you should be facing the problem causes by the Two cameras interfering each other, kind of like a two headed snake,

Hello @thanhhc

No idea about this, but it’s better to provide more logs and your dts configurations. Have you checked the the power sequence?

yeah forgot to mention that as well,
@thanhhc as @numbqq said, the dts config by default is configured to run with a single camera, in the case of two cameras, it needs to be modified, in that case please share the dts you have used, we can help you modify it :slight_smile:

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hi @Electr1, @numbqq

Currently We have been using only single ov7251 camera and modified the dts accordingly. Also we could successfully read the id and configure the camera using the driver. So as far the communication is working fine.We are actually facing the issue on ISP side as mentioned in earlier comments.

So if Khadas team could help us solve the issue.We could provide you all the implementation and logs details in order to analyze.

We are in urgent need of it So your help will be valuable.


@ms_de I am not much experienced in the NPU and camera side, @numbqq is you guy for that,

ok thanks @Electr1, Well, are there any core members of khadas team available who have a good experience with camera. We are very in hope looking at khadas team to solve the issue.

@Electr1 if you could tag them here…

I Have already done that,

@Frank can probably help here a well,

ok thanks… @Electr1

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Bandwidth should not be a problem VIM3 ISP supports

2x 8M at 30 fps or 2x 4M at 60 fps

It should easily handle 2x VGA at 60 fps

Can you share any logs. It would be helpful to debug that way

Could you share some logs…?