MIPI-CSI Camera Interface

Hello Khadas,
Can I plug pretty much any MIPI CSI 30-pin camera into the MIPI headers and have it work?
Can I use a 15-pin camera?
And can you tell me the version of the MIPI-CSI on board?

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No, you can’t, if you camera PIN not compatible may break the board.

Check PIN details here:

ooohh. wow. OK, There’s a lot in that file. Looks beyond my ability, but I’ll jump into it and see if I can learn some things. If I’m not back in a few hours, please send help :wink:
Thanks numbqq

According to rock-chips .com, the RK3588 uses MIPI-CSI2. Probably doesn’t matter much. I don’t understand MIPI yet. I’m just trying to wrap my brain around whether or not mipi is what I want, and if I can use it on the Edge2.

I am having difficulty finding any 30-pin MIPI-CSI cameras.
Also not having much luck finding any decent 30-pin or 40-pin DSI displays.
I have searched ‘30-PIN MIPI-DSI’ and ‘40-PIN MIPI-DSI’ Plus searches for ‘30-PIN MIPI-CSI CAMERA’ but there don’t seem to be any good option.
Can anyone suggest what I should be searching for?

We will release MIPI-CSI camera add-on in the future.

ah. yeah, there’s that. I was thinking this would be compatible with devices available online. There are many low cost mipi displays and cameras on alilexpress that I was hoping to use with the Edge2 to learn MIPI and LVDS and experiment with different displays without pouring tons of money into the hobby.

What time Release this type camera?

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for the offer. I’ve moved on. When a company can’t, OR WON’T answer simple questions, then forget it.
I could not get the answers I needed from khadas. I can see from posts of people on your “most liked” list that they are STILL not responding to the topic. At least numbqq kind of tried. I think numbqq is trying, but overworked and under trained. Mostly I just got short answers that mostly ignored the question, links to pdfs with conflicting info. (although I learned tons from them about what to search on google to learn how mipi works, and how it may not be working on khadas edge2), and mostly just promotions for their other products instead of answering the question.
I don’t want to buy their camera or screens. I want to be able to source the size and shape I need. If other cameras and screens can’t be used, then whats the use?
Do the edge boards support raw mipi cameras? Or do they need cameras that contain their own encoders? Man, simple question. And all I keep getting is “you can buy a compatible camera on the store”. that’s just dumb.
Maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe this board is aimed at professionals who already fully understand mipi/etc, and they don’t want to deal with people who want clarification on things. Maybe it all works. But I am not throwing $400 at a maybe. Answer the questions khadas. I’m not looking for a polished, hold you by the hand rpi style platform. But accurate and complete information is essential.
I suspect their boards are half-baked and will never be fully functional. But anyone wanting a cute toy will probably not discover this.