MIPI CAMERA OS08A10 - Cable Lenghts

Hei together,

we have a big problem with the OS08A-10 MIPI Camera.
In our application we need a distance of 400 mm between the camera and the VIM3 DSI connector.
To achieve this, we use a 30 pin 0.5 mm pitch FPC standard cable and a mini adapter with two FPC
connectors. The result is strong interference in the video and images.
Has anyone had experience with this problem and how was it solved,
Special cables with shielding would help here…?
Does anyone know sources of such cables…?

Thanks for answer and help.
Klaus from Norway.

Hi @kwklaus
the VIM3’s MIPI connector was made to be used with single sided FPC cables…
check the Hirose connector spec…

the connectors on the other side of the cable would be floating, causing RF noise to disturb the signal… use a single sided FPC cable… :slight_smile:

@kwklaus If you need to connect such a long cable, you should use a USB camera,