MIPI CAMERA not working

I test my mipi camera. this camera working in my other rk3399 board.
but camera not working in vim3.

do I need change code or turn on hw switch?

What MIPI camera ? We only support os08a10 for VIM3 now.

Hello numbqq
os08a10 ? vim3 only support only one MIPI CAMERA?

We only debug os08a10 on our side. Of course, there are more cameras supported by the driver, but you need to port and debug yourself.

Here is our camera:

Hi @numbqq
we are in progress of developing a custom camera board connecting with VIM3 via the MIPI CSI interface.
my question is that is the video input driver for the Amlogic SoC on Vim3 is built to support v4l2 framework? Could you point out where should I add or modify in helping bringing up this new camera board (such as dts, kernel configuration, etc). We already have the v4l2-subdevice driver of our sensor but don’t know where should I add this driver into the current build.
Thank in advance

Yes, it is.

Please check here:



Thanks for your fast reply :slight_smile:

Hi @thanhhc, Can you please tell me what v4l2 command you used to see the camera output on your screen? I’m a bit stuck here. trying to get the mipi camera output on my VIM3 Ubuntu Xfce graphical environment.