Minimum charger for VIM3


Can i use 18w samsung fast charger to power up ViM3? My charger is QC3.0 but not PD2.0, will it serve the purpose or is it unsafe to use?


I think you can’t use a QC3.0 charger. VIM3 only support PD, so please use the PD charger.

I have a QC charger, without QC communication, it defauts to 5v3A. If yours does the same, would probably power the VIM3, however, I would not recommend it as the VIM3 prefers 12v. The Khadas 24W PD PS is fairly inexpensive and they have them on Amazon for quick delivery if that helps.


Ok sure, I’ll buy a PD charger.
It’ll also help recharge my iPhone faster when im not using VIM. :grinning: