Minecraft server MineOS works on Khadas!

I’ve used the MineOS software to run minecraft servers for my kids at home. I’ve always used old x86 hardware to run it…but they are not too power efficient.

A while ago I decided to try running it on SBCs and it was just too slow or did not work well (poorly performing arm Java, slow cpus)

This weekend I spent some time trying to get it work on my Khadas+. It took some time to get it to work. I followed these instructions:


The main problem I had was with installing nodejs and npm. I can’t remember all the steps I used to get it to work, I think I ended up using nodejs legacy.

Eventually I got it to install…and it works! So far I’ve tested it with 1 minecraft server running and one player logged into the world. I want to test it with more players.

If anyone is interested in knowing how it works with multiple players / servers running at the same time, please let me know!

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Hi, Bwooster0:
Can you demonstrate the Minecraft server running on Khadas VIM? I think a simple video or some photos will help more guys to better understand Minecraft and MineOS. :wink:

And if possible, a step by step instructions to build the MineOS on Khadas VIM are appreciated.