Mind Dock led light

Helllo everyone, has anyone investigated on the possibility to turn off the dock’s light?
I don’t mind it being on while the Mind is connected, but once i disconnect it it’s setup to keep flashing, it never stops. As i have two workstations, with two separate docks, in two different far apart cities, it kinda bothers me to have the dock flashing for days when i leave one of the workstations. The only solution is to unplug it from the charger, which defeats the purpose of the whole setup and of the Mind Link port being the only thing to plug in when you change workstation

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Hello @Whippy

The LED can’t be turned of for current firmware. The LED is an important indicator about the connection of Mind to Dock via Mind Link.

If you leave for days we suggest you to unplug the power cable on Dock. :wink:

Hi, Khadas TEAM.
I understand the possibility that the Dock is disconnected due to a malfunction of the MIND Link and the MIND itself is not connected. However, since there is no power switch in the dock, I would like you to consider whether it is possible to devise a dock control software such as “If the Dock cannot recognize the MIND Link connection and touches the touch sensor, the will go to sleep”. Because I don’t want to see the Dock’s LEDs keep flashing in an empty dark room.

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Hello @quina

Thanks for your feedback, we will consider about your suggestions. :wink:

e.g. We can use Mind App to control the behavior of LED.

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Unplugging the charger doesn’t seem like the best suggestion, if i have to be onest. The whole selling point of the Khadas Mind is the seemless switch between two or more workstations. I do understand the LED is important to ensure the connection has been done properly, but unplugging the charger to stop it from flashing defeats the whole purpose of the dock, which is to leave it there, already setup with everything connected, you just need to place your Mind in place and you’re good to go. The flashing can stay there, if it’s the intended design, but we should be able to turn of the light completely, or at the very least it should stop flashing and turn off itself after 30 minutes, or even an hour

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Are there any news on the matter?
I’m thinking about unplugging the LED from the board altogether. Does anyone know if it’s soldered or if it’s just a ribbon cable i can easily disconnect?

My current approach is to use a smart socket and turn it off with the function of scheduling or charging protection (power off for a fixed time if it is less than 3W).

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Dear Khadas Community.

Thank you for providing your feedback.
Our engineering team has acknowledged your requirements and places great importance on addressing them.

We are pleased to inform you that the “turn off lights” feature you requested will be implemented in future updates.
However, we strongly advise against disassembling the Mind or Dock on your own, as this may void your warranty.
For further updates, we encourage you to stay tuned to our official website.
We appreciate your ongoing interest and support.

Best regards,

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Thank you a lot for understanding, can’t wait for the update

Hello, are there any updates?

I apologize for keeping you waiting, and I sincerely appreciate your continued attention.

The “turn off lights” function has been thoroughly tested and will be implemented in the upcoming update of MindApp.

Due to the extensive content in the next version update of MindApp, other features are still undergoing stability testing.

We plan to release the new version of MindApp after the conclusion of the Chinese New Year (around March).

Your patience is greatly appreciated.


I have just updated the Mind and the Dock today, don’t know when the update was released, but the light finally turns off after a set amount of time when the Mind isn’t connected to the dock. Thank you, thank you a lot!!

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I sincerely apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.
I’m delighted that our updates have met your requirements.
Should you have any further ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.
Thank you for your ongoing support.