Microphone vim 3

Hi, do you have any ideas how to connect a microphone to vim3, I have a usb microphone when I connect the Tone board does not work, I need a Tone board and a microphone, thanks


Are you having problem with Audio input and output on VIM3?
Have you tried to configure the audio settings accordingly? Would you share more details of which OS are you using and what are you trying to achieve here as your explanation

Does not explain anything in detail.

Good luck.

I’m thinking about Android, try a third-party firmware for vim3 on the ugoos port, there was something in the settings about the microphone.

I use vim3 android as a car pc, output sound through the tone board and I need a microphone, but I can not use this together, if I connect only a microphone, the system sees it and the microphone works, but when I connect the tone board, the microphone does not work, they seem to conflict , the computer sees as a microphone as a sound card

Oh ok so you’re using Android OS ?
I am not sure about Android OS.
Maybe someone else can help you with this.

Good Luck.

I use Android OS
Maybe I can connect analoge microphone ?

I2S mics exist, not sure how it could be implemented in Android or if it would resolve your issue. Someone from the Khadas Team might better be able to help you.

I’m using VIM3L with pre-installed Android.
I’m suffering from the same problem.

I connected a usb soundcard.(SiliconLabs evaluation board).
VIM3L recognize the soundcard and its microphone.
The speaker output works fine.
But recording from microphone gives no sound.
Google Transcribe App can see the microphone of the soundcard.
Google Transcribe App does not produce any text.

With Galaxy Tab and Lenovo Tablet Google Transcribe App works fine with the microphone.

Any suggestions?