Microphone Compatibility with Edge-V Pro

There are mainly two types of microphones available.

  • Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) : Analog output (How about this type of microphone? Does Edge-V Pro allow such connection and through which interface?)

  • MEMS Microphone : Digital I2S output (In this case, I believe Edge-V Pro can communicate with microphone through I2S interface located on 40-pin GPIO header?)

Dear forum members, I would be glad if you could address me the solutions to these cases. Thank you.

The Edge-V don’t has the sound codec(ADC) on board. You need to design one external board with ADC chip and ECM. And the I2S pin of ADC chip need to connect with the 40PIN GPIO Header.
In addition, you need to search the ADC with PDM support if you want to use the MEMS, and it is also need to design the external board.