Measure CPU temperature

I open this post asking for various operating systems which is the most truthful way to know the CPU temperature. I ask this because I would like to avoid that the beloved board would be damaged by temperature problems.

For android what app is recommended?
For linux? - I saw the only command to type to see the degrees …

I have ubuntu server and idle with room temperature 20 degrees works on 44/45 degrees is normal?

Every OS on the firmware page has been tested under full load conditions? I would like to understand how, like in a normal processor in a cell phone for example there is the thermal throttling …


hi, Mattia:

  1. You can search CPU Temp APK by Google for solutions
  2. For linux,

Yes, it’s normal, view I need a fan for my Vim for more details.

See post #5 of Thermal reading wrong.


Gouwa thanks for the response and time allowed i would like to help this community of happy buyers improve their experience in this forum.

I have various passive heat sinks and sooner or later I want to test them on the cpu obviously under full load.

I will be happy to publish the results in the forum.