Mce remote on LibreElec

Can i use a my old mce r6 remote?
Thanks in advance

Are you a developer ?
Firstly you need to know the scan code of your mce r6 remote

No i not a developer.
O dont no what is the scanner code . I have 2 mce r6 remotes , one Microsoft and one Hp. I find this this morning : But dont no who to uses


If you want to use your mce r6 remote, you need to rebuild the kernel and add the scancode of your remote into it.
The scancode like this (0x800f0416):

{ 0x800f0416, KEY_PLAY },
{ 0x800f0417, KEY_RECORD },
{ 0x800f0418, KEY_PAUSE },
{ 0x800f0419, KEY_STOP },
{ 0x800f041a, KEY_NEXT },

How can i rebuild the kernel i m not a developer.
But if you saiu how i can

We don’t have thus remote on hand, and hope some guys will do that :slight_smile:

on others boards i don´t need to rebuild the kernel only do this:

systemctl stop kodi.service
killall eventlircd

in here don´t work like these , and give me an error:

Couldn’t find any node at /sys/class/rc/rc*.

when is supose to show all protocols

Well you did not wrote what OS are you using. If on Linux distribution, yes only that what you wrote need ti be done, maybe with mode2 capture the scancodes(signal your remote sends). And configure eventlircd.

However on Android this (enable debug option in kernel to capture the scancode, which need ti be compiled again in rom and flashed to VIM) seems need to be done in image you flash before using.

i connect directly to ssh console to libreelec, i only need the mce in libreelec, because is the most compleat remote for kodi.
i have a rasperry pi and work out off the box, a orange pc i do what a descrive erlier and work , and i have a file with the config off the remote.
i don´t tink the mce remote work android .

First of all, sorry regarding the text that you did not wrote which OS do you use, because it is written in Title :frowning: .

I don’t use myself LibreELEC but i used other Linux distro.
Boot LibeELEC on VIM and ssh to box, and check what all protocols does VIM IR support.
But as I remember Khadas Stuff wrote that their IR only supports NEC protocols, which means if MCE only supports RC6, then it will not work with VIM.

Try and check “Supported protocols”
sudo ir-keytable -v
if you don’t have ir-keytable try to install v4l-utils it should contain it.

Hi, all:
As what Terry mentioned above, there are too much remote models, and different users might use different ones, so it’s hard for us to support all of these models in the official ROM.

But I think we can buy the popular models for testing first and add the support in the future release. So, kindly tell us the model you used for us. :slight_smile:


tanks vrabac i will trie.
how cam i install the tools on libreelec?

@davidfmanuel well i think it should be there already installed. did you tried it?
I just a bit google and found this post.

vrabac what I said in another post de command ir-keytable give me a error:
Couldn’t find any node at /sys/class/rc/rc*.
i think is incomplete , on my orangepi i can configurate the remote.
tanks any way